If you had the pleasure of listening to Queen while you were either a kid, or maybe a young adult, then I highly recommend seeing Bohemian Rhapsody and taking in the four ways actor Rami Malek absolutely nails the role of Freddie Mercury. Need some further enticing? Well, here’s our list of reasons why Malek was the right man for the job.

01. The Look
– Where do I even begin? The teeth? The hair? The extravagant bodysuits, and the casual white tank top and washed out jeans? Rami Malek’s team of hair, makeup and costume designers nailed Freddie Mercury’s style perfectly! There were times while I was sitting in the theater doing double takes as I was certain that I was watching a touched-up video of Mercury himself.

One of the characteristics that come to mind when you think of Mercury are the infamous teeth. Malek explained in an interview that the teeth were obviously a big part of the character and that it actually helped him to fit into the role of Mercury that much more. Since the teeth were so obscure, he found himself sitting up straight and that his posture became better as a way to distract people from looking at his teeth, even though Malek’s were fake.

Check out the film’s trailer to get a peek at Malek’s wonderful performance.

02. The Moves
– In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Malek explained that he originally had a choreographer to help him move like Mr. Fahrenheit, but he quickly learned that Mercury didn’t actually know how to dance and all of the fabulous moves he did while performing were just spontaneous. With that, Malek got himself a movement coach and learned where he could also be more spontaneous, like Freddie.

03. The Speech & Character
– There’s a scene in Bohemian Rhapsody where Freddie (Rami) is being interviewed. If you search for Freddie Mercury interviews, the one that is imitated comes up. The only real difference between the two interviews is that the one in the film has different angles and shots. The rest is very spot on: Rami nailing Freddie’s voice, the little quirky things he says while carrying out a conversation with someone, being bluntly rude (but funny), and slipping a few “pet-names” into a casual conversation – “my darlings” and “my love” are common throughout the duration of the movie.

If you’ve got some extra time on your hands check out Queen’s set from the famous LIVE AID 1985 concert.

04. The Voice
– Finally, the voice! In many interviews that Rami has done since the release of the film, every interviewer or talk show host has asked, “is that really you singing?”. Rami has said that yes, he is singing, but it’s also a mixture of Queen master tapes as well as Marc Martel. With all of the augmentation done by the end of it, Rami sounds exactly like Freddie and – as mentioned before – it’ll have you double-taking throughout the entire film.

If you haven’t had a chance to head to the theatre to catch this flick, then I highly suggest going. If you’re a true Queen/Freddie Mercury fan you will not be disappointed; you’ll be singing to every song throughout the film.