Toronto, Canada’s latest entry into its growing list of excellent post-hardcore acts is a quartet of musicians collectively known as Even The Trees. By blending elements of experimental, post-rock and even progressive into their supple sound, the band help to distinguish themselves from many of their post-hardcore contemporaries. Today, following their debut single, “Progress Avenue”, which dropped on October 16th and can be heard below, the crew are back with track number two, the dark and pulsing “This Ends Now”.

Both of the above-mentioned songs are set to be included on Even The Trees’ upcoming debut album, the twelve-track If Only Every Day Could Be Like This which is due out in the coming weeks via Bandcamp, not to mentioned most major streaming services. In case you’ve yet to scroll down and hit play (your loss, yo), “This Ends Now” is as dark as it is heavy… a perfect way to kick off your week.

Sick and tired of waiting to hear the new song? Good thing “This Ends Now”!

Commenting on the new tune, the band collectively stated: “‘This Ends Now’ is actually one of the oldest songs on the record. Over the years, the song has gone through a few iterations before reaching the version that appears on the debut record. With the addition of Michael Sartor’s vocals, the song has potentially become one of the heaviest, darkest, and most brooding moments on the entire record. It represents a period of coming to terms with separation, where a person is wracked with longing, haunted by regret, and filled with anger. It’s a stage of moving on that is so toxic and self-inflicted at times that only after sucking out the poison yourself can you make it out the other end.”

If Only Every Day Could Be Like This Track Listing:

01. A Hole in the Ice Pt. 1
02. Progress Avenue
03. Hollowed Out
04. This Ends Now
05. Outlines
06. A Hole in the Ice Pt. 2
07. (You’ve Made Yourself) Perfectly Clear
08. Here Comes a Walking Fire
09. Second Chances
10. Tonight We Don’t Think, We Do
11. [Repeat]
12. A Hole in the Ice Pt. 3

There’s noting but potential and forward momentum on “Progress Avenue”.


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