Ahead of the release of their new single, emerging Brit rockers Sonder, who take influence from the likes of Biffy Clyro and Nirvana, spoke to us about the songs that had the biggest impact on their sound.

1. Arcane Roots – If Nothing Breaks, Nothing Moves
– The chorus in this song is massive, and that’s something we’ve tried to do with all of our music. This track blends some brutal riffs and screamed vocals with a delicate side and then has these massive builds with big open chords that just sound huge!

2. Nirvana – Breed
Nirvana are probably the biggest influence on us as individual musicians and the band as a whole. They showed us that it didn’t always have to be perfect if it was passionate. “Breed” has a killer guitar riff; the chorus is ferocious and Dave Grohl’s drums are huge!

3. Biffy Clyro – 57
– We’re all massive Biffy fans, and this track was something we used to cover in the practice rooms whilst writing in the earliest days of the band. “57” takes the quiet, loud element of music that we love, builds everything up and then smashes out a super catchy chorus behind big open chords!

4. Citizen – Jet
– This song really influenced our latest single. The initial riff and the spacy guitars and sliding bass in the verses followed by a big hook on the chorus. The whole structure of the track really left it’s mark on us when writing A Wicked Place which then spilled into other tracks too.

5. Black Foxxes – Husk
– The track has such great drive to it and is so instant right from the opening drums. Passionate lyrics, massive guitars and the build-up leading into a really hooky chorus were big influences on what we’ve tried to do. Throw in walls of feedback and it’s everything we love in music.


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