How do you aim to leave behind a legacy? For some of us it’s family and friends, for others it’s an empire, for countless others it just doesn’t materialize. For the Swedish alternative rock group, When The World Sleeps, however, it’s through their powerful music that these four musicians will be remembered. Point in case, their new single “Legacy”, for which we’re proud to premiere the video.

Lifted from the foursome’s upcoming full-length recording (date TBD) — though the song and previous tunes can be found on Spotify and iTunes — “Legacy” makes use of both organic and electronic composition not to mention poignant lyrics which are further descried below. Speaking of the new video and meaning thereof, the band’s frontman, Denni Omanovic, had this to say:

“‘Legacy’ came out of the frustration of how twisted the structures of our society has become. It’s much easier today to just accept and normalize the bad things that are going on, rather than actually doing something about it. Don’t get me wrong, we have some amazing people, every-day-working people, that are striving to create both prosperity and tolerance in our society, but, still… Sometimes I feel like it’s easier to give a nazi-organisation an abbreviation rather than thinking: wait a second – these people are trying to destroy our social contract, that is democracy… Do we accept that?”

A fitting song title, given the world’s current weather-based issues. This is “Hurricane”!


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