Truth be told, as long as it’s done extremely well, a rock band can sustain a solid, successful career by making the exact same record over and over. Take for example, AC/DC. And with the release of their sophomore effort, Young & Dangerous, British pop/rock poster boys, The Struts, stick very close to their “comfort zone.”

Produced to palate-appealing perfection, Young & Dangerous picks up precisely where the band’s 2016 full-length debut, Everybody Wants, left off. Packed with heart-stopping arena rock anthems, the 13-song set opens strong with “Body Talks.” However, featuring a guest co-vocal from pop sensation, Ke$ha, it’s the wildly popular, record-ending remix version of “Body Talks” that’s a true standout.

Brimming with signature-style cock rock swagger, the lead-off single, “Primadonna Like Me,” is guaranteed to scratch the itch of dedicated die-hards. Seemingly ripped from “The Darkness 101” playbook, “In Love with a Camera” is equally infectious. While “Bulletproof Baby” also is noticeably derivative of some of the group’s previous earworms, “Who Am I?” is a disco-driven delight that shamelessly boasts a gloriously hypnotic “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy”-style bassline.

Hey, are you a “Primadonna Like Me”?

Other noteworthy highlights include the contagious, super-sized “Fire (Part 1),” the familiar-feeling, heartfelt power ballad “Somebody New” and the Queen-caliber epic, “Tatler Magazine.”

With his powerhouse, Mercury-inspired vocals and a knack for engaging storytelling, frontman Luke Spiller captivates from start to finish. In fact, Spiller’s unique appeal — his irresistible charm, honest delivery and distinctive r-r-rolled R’s oozes from the grooves, while his co-founding songwriting partner, guitarist, Adam Slack, brings non-stop Ronson-flavored allure throughout. Add to the mix, Jed Elliot’s precision basslines and Gethin Davies’ bone-cracking drum tracks, indelibly stamped across these Buick-sized sing-alongs, and you’ve got all the components necessary for a world-class rock record that provides MAXIMUM thriller, and MINIMAL filler.

It’s a tried and true axiom, one that still rings true — If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Hence, The Struts certainly take NO chances with their sophomore slab. But given today’s dry and barren rock landscape, Young & Dangerous is just the right record, delivered promptly when it’s needed most.

The Struts teamed up with Kesha for “Body Talks”.

Young & Dangerous Track Listing:

01. Body Talks – 2:58
02. Primadonna Like Me – 3:23
03. In Love with a Camera – 3:22
04. Bulletproof Baby – 3:13
05. Who Am I? – 3:15
06. People – 3:28
07. Fire (Part 1) – 4:12
08. Somebody New – 3:57
09. Tatler Magazine – 3:04
10. I Do it So Well – 3:18
11. Freak Like You – 3:17
12. Ashes – 4:36
13. Body Talks (w/ Ke$ha) – 2:58

Run Time 45 minutes
Release Date October 26, 2018
Record Label Interscope Records / Universal Music Canada


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