On Monday, October 15th, The Milk Carton Kids took the stage at Philadelphia’s Union Transfer. For a Monday night in Philadelphia, the crowd was full of dedicated fans, the anticipation amongst them evident.

The Milk Carton Kids are known for being a powerhouse duo, writing heart-wrenching ballads and toe-tapping riffs. The musicianship is undeniable, the technical ability and consistency indisputable, but the sound remains without sterility. You can smell the earth on your shoe and feel damn near moved to tears as Kenneth plays every note. His guitar is beyond a practiced instrument and has become an extension of himself. Their music feels like a whisper in your ear from someone you love. You can’t help but feel it when you hear it. The emotion palpable but never does the showmanship fall to the wayside. This show was genuinely entertaining from start to finish.

We believe this video is all about having a good “Mourning In America”.

Charming little intermissions, the gentleman are actually funny. Joey is your best friend’s older brother who you want to have a crush on but you can’t tell if he’s making fun of you. Their relatability only deepens the connection they forge with their songs. Covering topics like mortality related to Kenneth’s cancer diagnoses, family, and lost love. It feels as though you’re watching the best musicians you’ve ever known and they happen to be your very dearest friends.

The addition of a full band allowed the guys to experiment with their tried and true songs, adding an element of Nashville influenced spirit to their Midwestern charm. The group was a welcomed edition but the guys knew when to pull it back and stick to their roots on tear-jerking masterpieces like “Michigan”. The show was entertaining, relatable and a perfect way to spend any evening. Not bad at all for a Monday night in Philade phia. I will definitely be catching these guys again. The Milk Carton Kids are currently on tour until November 6th with the Barr Brothers.

Words by: Christine Troyer