Traditional metallers The Distinguished Order of Disobedience, we’ll call them The D.O.O.D., are about to release their new album Buttercup and we have the exclusive premiere for you! The studio recording is due out on October 27th and you can pre-order it right here. The band’s Brian “Monkeyboy DOOD” Amoroso was also good enough to offer an exclusive track-by-track of each song on the album, which you can view below.

Buttercup, which is just such an awesome name for a metal record (not just a tasty treat), was recorded over several months at three different studios in Florida; A/V Productions in Clearwater, Master Sound in Tampa, and Redline Studios in Osprey. The group originates from Sarasota and were originally conceived by Raynus and Jonzey DOOD. They have become one of the top metal acts in Southwest, Florida and may remind you of King Diamond, Corrosion of Conformity, and/or Pantera.

Checking in with an exclusive comment regarding Buttercup, singer Brian “Monkeyboy” DOOD Amoroso said, “We made an album we are proud of, that certainly has something for everyone and hopefully everything for someone. We wanted this album to embrace what we felt was the feeling of a traditional heavy metal album with some twists and turns, this album runs a broad spectrum of the metal genres but remains true to our own sound.”

01. “The Bottom”
– This track is essentially an intro to the album, it’s kind of fun and kind of creepy. Brian put this together and showed it to the others and it seemed to sum up the what’s to come. Essentially it’s about the fact that life isn’t fair, but it’s best to enjoy it because it can be gone in before you know it.

02. “The Devil You Know”
– This song was inspired by the American environment that seems to be so politically polarized. It is essentially a reminder to question authority. This song was written essentially right after Wayne Static died, and although it has grown since its first iterations, it is essentially a tribute to his music, which was very impactful to us.

03. “Revolution”
– This song is really “The Devil You Know” Part 2. Kind of inspired by the fast-paced songs by Pantera and Slipknot (although not much similar to them). Our government was started by a bunch of people who were sick of being screwed over by their leaders, and this song is about carrying on that rebellious spirit.

04. “Brothers”
– This song was suggested by Jonzey (bass) in theme at least. It started and remains dual themed, it tries to capture the feeling of being a part of a group, be it a music scene, the military, a family, what have you. When we can rely on each other, we can rise above any issue. There was a specific instance with a certain headlining artist (to remain nameless) that left a bad taste in the mouth of most of the Tampa Bay music scene for her treatment of the local acts and it worked its way into this song a bit as an example of how not to do things.

We’re sending you off with a “Beautiful Ride”, so enjoy it!

05. “Brutality”
– This song was written after an angry day of listening to metal while in traffic. Seriously a reaction to the way society has become soft in recent years, lots of really brave keyboard warriors who would be way too terrified to say things to your face.

06. “Chasing Dragons”
– Inspired by the losses in our lives of good friends to drugs. Everyone makes choices in their lives and when it comes to drugs most people don’t take into account how those choices affect their families and others in their lives.

07. “Cement”
– Raynus had a riff that we worked out a song around in pre-production. When we recorded the first version of this it had no words and no title, as usual, Brian looked around and named it tentatively after an article that was on the laptop about cement. When it got to the recording studio lyrics were written around the title. Just wound up an obnoxious fun song about our band.

08. “Noose”
– Indy (guitar) brought this riff to us and it was just so perfectly heavy and moving that the song came together quickly. This song is about the pressures of life and how they can get to you.

09. “Paranoia”
– The theme of this song was inspired by a book that Jonzey had read called The Book Thief I believe. It is about how our own minds can punish us when we do something wrong and guilt consumes us.

10. “Taphophobia”
– Brian was watching a lot of documentaries, and there seemed to be the common thread of old-time coffin bells. Which were a real invention, back before doctors really knew what they were doing. The name alludes to the fear of being buried alive. The song itself was written about the death of Brian’s mother and incorporates the idea that sometimes we can feel as if it’s the living who may be the ones who are buried under the weight of a situation.

11. “Nightmare Fuel”
– This one is just fun, we were asked to write a theme song for a TV show that, as of yet, has not come to any fruition. This song hit us right in the comfort zone of writing something scary. We love that shit.

12. “Dance of The Dead”
– Raynus had a great riff. This is a song about regret and loss.

13. “Flagpole Sitta
– Not our song, it’s originally by Harvey Danger. We went into the studio, Brian wanted a thirteen song album. We had planned on doing a cover, and the ideas went flying around the warehouse for a month or two. We had told our engineer, Jason Schmidt at Redline, we were thinking of doing a cover. We finished tracking everything else, and he asked about the cover. We then realized we hadn’t chosen one or learned anything or done any arrangements. So, we turned to our drummer, Roberto Mucho, and asked what songs he knew well. For some reason, this was the song he knew well, so we learned it quickly and heavied it up some. It was a lot of fun dong it, and if you listen to Jonzey tell it, there are references to every song on the album in the lyrics.


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