Pop-rock quartet Seasonal are premiering their new lyric video for “Twelve” on Puregrainaudio today. The track, lifted from their Weathered EP, tackles the emotional subject of abortion with the band putting their thoughts down into this powerful lyric video.

The band say: “”Twelve” was a difficult track to write lyrically because of the subject matter. It is a song that I have wanted to write for a long time but haven’t for that very reason. I feel that although it is easily accessible in this country, abortion still carries a massive stigma and is largely a taboo subject. This makes it hard for people talk about. I wanted to express the point that it is never an easy decision to have to make and having to do so has a massive effect on the people involved.

When deciding what to do as a visual accompaniment to the track, we struggled to find ideas that didn’t involve over literal dramatization of the story, and worried that if not done right it would lose the impact of the track. We eventually decided to let the song and lyrics speak for themselves and make a simple lyric video with footage depicting the isolation and contemplation portrayed in the song. We are really happy with how it came out.”

You can pick up a copy of the EP now from here.


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