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Mix the vigour of Muse with the proggy vibes of Mars Volta and finish the whole thing of with the driving synth work of Carpenter Brut and you end up with something that sounds like Siblings Of Us. The Bristol band are set to release their new EP, Gargantua, on November 2nd and, ahead of the release, gave us the track-by-track lowdown on the inspiration behind the music.

Gargantua explains a story of characters who would naturally be misconstrued in society. The raw animosity of the production gives off the D.I.Y. passion while maintaining a dignified balanced of glitchy 80s inspired synth, heavy guitar, technical power house drums and high pitched/rage induced vocals. This sound is controversial.”

1. Pizza Lisa
– “This track opens with 4 different time signatures that bounce off each other, and this also happens at the reprise halfway through. The character the track is based on, “Pizza Lisa”, has ever-changing thoughts and experiences. We wanted to reflect that in this track not just from time signature changes, but key changes too. It makes it mysterious and ambiguous – you just won’t know where it will take you. This opener of the EP is a real “in your face” attitude. “

2. Chicago Glass Twins
– “This addresses the gun control issue in the USA. It’s straight to the point, with each lyric addressing the obvious problems that are never solved. The synths in this piece are perhaps the darkest and most dramatic within the four tracks to really keep up the intense feelings we wanted to project.””

3. Breed & Company
– “Unlike the other four tracks, this one is perhaps the most “crystalline” and “gorgeous”. It’s heavily inspired by social standards which we see people try to conform. We wanted the track to sound more approachable and beautiful, almost like a disguise for what it really is about.The lyric itself, “Every time I try to remember”, is describing how we as humans try to adapt to the social trends rather than be who we really are.”

4. A Gang Called Wonder
– “Definitely the most experimental piece of the four, the drums unintentionally bring out a grime, drum and bass style to the track. It’s almost 2 songs in 1 – the verses and the choruses are a switch between something lightly atmospheric and beautiful to a sudden, disturbing intensity. We were really influenced by Pixies in terms of spoken word and The Mars Volta by simply not sticking to a normal song structure.”

Check out a stream of the song here:


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