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Our Hollow Our Home – “In Moment // In Memory” [Album Review]

In dealing with the loss of frontman Tobias Young’s father, Our Hollow, Our Home have helped the frontman channel his grief into a stunning piece of work.



Southampton metalcore chaps Our Hollow, Our Home have been chipping away at the UK scene for a few years now honing their ferocious sound into that has always hinted that something big is to come from the band. However, everything came crashing down for vocalist Tobias Young when his father tragically passed away from cancer.

For the frontman, the heartbreaking loss brought his life to a crossroads which, given the support of his bandmates, saw Young channel his grief onto paper resulting in the material for Our Hollow Our Home’s new album In Moment // In Memory. Lyrically, by structuring the album around the various stages of grief that Young experienced, In Moment // In Memory has an almost story like feel to it. Raw, emotional, heartbreaking, it’s not difficult to see how much Young is using his words to focus his grief and his loss. It also means that there is an honesty about the album that you can’t get from just going into a studio and writing “emotional” music. Songs like “Love Loss”, “Father And Ghost” and “In Memory” are straight from the heart and, listening to Young, it shows. Furthermore, his bandmates have provided the perfect musical companion to his powerful lyrics. While it may not be a groundbreaking album musically, Our Hollow Our Home’s raw blend of metallic riffs, thumping breakdowns and heartfelt melodies wrap seemlessly around the story Young is telling.

In Moment // In Memory may not be an album that redefines metalcore but, for Our Hollow Our Home, it certainly sees them stamp their mark on the UK metalcore scene. For their frontman though, this album is more than that, this has been his opportunity to deal with his loss and it’s hard to deny that the end result couldn’t be more heartbreaking and honest.

In Moment // In Memory Track Listing:

01. //Denial
02. In Moment
03. Disconnect
04. //Anger
05. Love Loss
06. Wraiths
07. //Bargaining
08. Weight & Carriage
09. Divisions (The Exchange)
10. //Depression
11. Speak of Sorrow
12. Father & Ghost
13. //Acceptance
14. Parting Gift
15. In Memory

Run Time: 45:37
Release Date: October 19, 2018
Record Label: Hollow Music

Check out the heartbreaking “Father & Ghost” track from the new OHOH album:

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