A massive undertaking for any band, let alone a relatively unknown (though totally kick-ass) upstart, fuzzy New Jersey natives, Delicate Flowers, are gearing up to release their debut double album, Die Progress Unit, in two parts. Die Progress Unit I drops on November 2nd while part 2 will surface in Spring 2019. Today, in celebration of the upcoming release, we’ve teamed with the band to premiere their ripping lead single “Vessel”. May this tune be the “Vessel” by which MANY new fans discover this exceptional quartet.

Previous releases and music can be heard/purchased via Bandcamp here, let alone the other usual digital service suspects, and we strongly urge you to familiarise yourself with the garage-stylings of Eric Goldberg (guitar/vox), Skylar Adler (drums), Donnie Law (guitar), and Frank DeFranco (bass)… they’re going places.

An oldie, but a goodie. The band covered the Vaselines’ “Jesus Doesn’t Want Me For A Sunbeam”.

Speaking of the album, and subject matter, the dudes commented as follows:

“Mainstream culture mostly only understands big productions as being culturally relevant in music these days. We contend that connecting to music is actually more of a personal and communal experience. Big musical and stage productions aren’t always better than listening to music on your own or seeing a great band in a small club and current mainstream culture seems completely foreign to this concept. The song ‘Vessel’ is about the thrill of tapping in to that creative part of your brain, which can feel like connecting to the godhead and interpreting it through your own mortal, Homo Sapien point-of-view.

“This should be and usually is gratifying on its own terms. Having any sort of fulfilling adult life in rock music is basically a relic of the late 20th century. Young people should aspire to save humanity from destroying itself because the probability of a bad outcome for the future of humanity is higher than the probability of a good one. If you stop and think about it, there are a lot more ways for things to go wrong than to go right. But we digress. I guess our message is keep your day job and make great art for yourself. Not very cool but probably pretty reasonable advice.”


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