Derbyshire’s Matt McGuinness and the MLC have released their new song and short film “We Are What We Overcome” just in time for World Mental Health Day today. MLC is not necessarily attached to one meaning as it could stand for multiple things, in this case midlife crisis or if Matt plays as a solo artist, mean lonesome crooner. Both sound fine to us. Matt and the MLC play indie rock with a hint of classic Motown and write songs that resonate with them, fuelled by the band’s own positive outlook on life, but underpinned by the distrust that exists in the world of mainstream politics. Humour and sarcasm also play a large role in the band’s music, something we all need to get through the days.

Regarding the video being released in support of World Mental Health Day, Matt feels a close connection with the issue and raising awareness about mental health. Matt commented, “I’ve suffered from mental health problems for a number of years but I’m embarrassed to say that until I got it I didn’t realize how life threatening it can be. It’s essential that we all talk about mental health so much more and make it much easier for men, in particular, to open up and get help…. The suicide rates in this country are going down but it’s still the biggest killer of males under 45 and the film we’ve made will hopefully if only in a small way, help to highlight that in the lead up to World Mental Health Day.”