If you’re ready for a break from your daily dose of metal, then we have just the thing for you, with the premiere of indie rock band Leem of Earth’s latest track “The Beech Tree’s Song”. The four-piece Florida group create an expansive, synth-influenced sound that you can hear on their debut EP Chapter One (available for pre-order here). It’s a best of the ‘90s type of sound, with parts romance, grunge and indie rock. How about that combination?

It’s hard to compare Leem of Earth to anyone really, but much inspiration can be derived from ‘90s groups such as The Innocence Mission, Radiohead, Belly and Sunny Day Real Estate. Producer Jeremy SH Griffith (Johnnyswim, SUNBEARS!) and engineer Chris Taylor helped bring to life the short, but sweet Chapter One. The songs work to capture and keep your attention, which is likely considering how expansive of a sound the members of Leem of Earth are capable of, in an age of paint-by-numbers bands.

Commenting on “The Beech Tree’s Song,” lead singer LM commented, “‘The Beech Tree’s Song’ is a direct quote from George MacDonald’s book called Phantases. Upon the protagonist’s entry to the other-world or faerie-world, he comes across a Beech Tree. Afterward, he can’t quote exactly what she told him, so he paraphrases it: ‘I saw thee thee ne’er before. I see thee ne’er more. But love and help and pain, beautiful one, have made thee mine, till all my years are done.”

He continues… “In the studio it worked out like this: (I) had a melody on the Wurlitzer spinet, and the main idea worked out. (Producer) JSHG visited for a studio night and made the song whole, with (guitarist) B on his guitar and the rest of the band adding their parts. They kept building and building until the song was nearly unrecognizable from the original piano song, even to themselves. Which is exactly how it should be.”

With more music to come, check out the Chapter One teaser video.


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