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Quebec City rockers Jet Black are generously offering their fuzzy, shoegaze song, “All is Wrong”, as a free download. The track comes from the band’s third full-length, L’Ere du Vide (translated as The Era of Emptiness, named after a collection of essays by French intellect Gilles Lipovetsky), which was recently released on August 24th by ODT Records (CAN), I.Corrupt (EU) and Skeletal Lightning (US).

On the song, the band had this to say: “‘All is Wrong’ is the acknowledgment of capitalism’s failure from a human perspective. Similar to the general theme of the album, this song crystalizes the visceral desire to escape from a world stuck in a downward spiral, despite a sense of generalized powerlessness.”

Slightly nihilistic intentions notwithstanding, it’s an enjoyable track, so give in to the catchy meditations on failed capitalism and give “All is Wrong” a listen.