Ever been curious to know what’s actually inside Thor’s Toolbox? Well, thanks to the Invercargill, New Zealand-based instrumental prog rock/metal trio Filth Wizard, you’re about to find out! The doomy group is ready to release its debut recording on November 1st via Proboscis Trinity Records and, today, we’re delighted to debut the album’s second single “Phillips Head”. The track follows previous single “Hammer” but just because it’s number two out the gates, doesn’t mean it’s not just as hard-hitting.

With the Thor’s Toolbox album available for pre-order via Bandcamp, it’s time to note that the recording “follows a loose musical narrative surrounding the Norse god Thor and the various tools he possesses.” Yep, every single song focuses on one of this uber-God’s tools and purpose thereof. Oh, and it’s all done via some crafty, instrumental metal that’s totally stoneriffic.

Speaking of the above-mentioned premiere, “Phillips Head” composer Joseph O’Donnell, notes:

“It is the song that best summarises what the album is about, featuring both heavy riffs and intricately layered clean sections. It is an emotionally charged song, moody and beautiful, with an overwhelming sense of melancholia and, perhaps, nostalgia. It was the first song written for ‘Thor’s Toolbox’ back in 2015, initially under the name ‘The Unwet Lake of Deceit’. Main songwriter Joseph O’Donnell found inspiration for the song and its name on a drive through New Zealand’s driest region, where he followed a sign to an alleged lake, which had long dried up. He played the Guitar Pro file of the song he had created to producer Hanna Ott much later, at the end of 2017, and she instantly decided it needed to be recorded, sparking the idea of an album. ‘Phillips Head’ is the reason the album now exists.”

This is one heavy-ass “Hammer”… take a swing today!