Comeback Kid and No Warning brought the pain to Toronto with UK powerhouse Higher Power, and Toronto locals Mil-Spec, when they hit The Velvet Underground a few weeks ago. It was a show filled with high energy, good vibes and happy faces all around.

Mil-Spec opened the show on a good note with a very high-energy performance. As an opener, it can be difficult to get the crowd moving during your set, but these Toronto locals had no trouble getting everyone moving right away. Groovy riffs and screeching yells, accompanied by a tight rhythm section, made for a memorable opening performance.

I had never seen Higher Power live before this date and was blown away by the set. Their energetic vocalist and crazy bassist kept me engaged in the performance the whole show. Being able to pay close attention to the performance while photographing them opened my eyes to the effort and hard work these guys put into their live set. Hailing from Leeds, UK and still being able to pull a decent crowd across the world moshing and singing their tunes was impressive. Hope to see these dudes roll through Toronto again sometime soon!

Check out Comeback Kid’s recent video for “I’ll Be That” here.

When No Warning took the stage I knew the night was about to get hectic. Seeing them play Heart Fest in Quebec a few years back was one of the craziest hardcore sets I’ve ever seen. With the announcement that No Warning would be playing their last show in Toronto, everyone was ready to set it off. As soon as the set began, the crowd start moving. Two-stepping, throwing down, pushing and crowd diving, Toronto was ready to have a good time. The set was filled with mic-grabs, yelling, and high energy all around. No Warning made sure their last show in Toronto would always be remembered by hardcore fans.

Just when I thought the crowd drained out all their energy, Comeback Kid started another riot. This is a band I was never too familiar with but had heard a few of their tracks played through friends car speakers over the years. As soon as they got into their first track, I was glad to be there. The crowd wasn’t as energetic from the start, as they were still winding down from No Warning’s set. As soon as some time passed and their energy was regained, everyone was going crazy for these guys. The energy was high during the whole performance but especially during the ending track “Wake the Dead”, people went absolutely nuts. T’was a show to remember and I’m glad to have had the opportunity to capture it.

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