Chicago, IL-based rock quartet, Releaser not only have incredible music, but also boast a powerful, heart-felt message. Today, in conjunction with our premiere of the band’s brand new video for their “Taking Over” single, we’re honoured to share a guest blog from member Stephen Mueller. It’s awesomely admirable for Stephen to expose himself and his struggles, but below he elaborates on overcoming a difficult time in one’s life.

Meaning aside, these melodic post-punks rip, so, not only do you get intelligence, but the strong lyrics are backed by straight-up terrific tunes. The “Taking Over” video was produced, engineered, and mixed by Nick Radovanovic of Acceptance, of which Mueller noted:

“The song is about being up well into the next day on a bender. When we wrote the song we planned to orchestrate the dynamics in such a way that you can almost feel the ups and downs of being in that mindset. The slamming drums in the chorus is “yourheart beating faster”. Our producer Nick added a stabbing piano part behind the verses to create some additional tension.”

Stephen Mueller’s Guest Blog:

”Releaser as a collective has dealt with loss due to addictions, and have our own addictions that we try to overcome. My default setting in my body is: Find something you like and do it over and over again. As a true addict, I will struggle for the rest of my life to try and moderate the things that I like doing, whether it be food, alcohol, assorted drugs, or my iPhone. You would think losing friends and family members to their demons would make you think twice. It does, it makes you think twice and then you continue doing it thinking you’re invincible, or you hit rock bottom and try to crawl out of your hole and find something more to life.

The only way I can overcome difficult times in my life is to switch my addictions to a positive. At the moment I am focusing on health, fitness, and organization. In addition, the four of us writing these songs has been an escape from our hardships and had helped us set pace in a positive motion. My addictions swing with the seasons. This current stretch won’t last forever and I accept that. The only thing I can do is try to control it as much as possible, and be grateful that I have friends that care about each other deeply.”

You’ve seen the video, now check out the Releaser “Taking Over” video teaser.


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