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Ace Frehley – “Spaceman” [Album Review]

Entitled Spaceman, the latest record from co-founding KISS lead guitarist, Ace Frehley, is an impressive piece of work — one that likely will “scratch” the “itch” of dedicated die-hards, while further enhancing his impeccable street cred.



The iconic co-founding KISS lead guitarist and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee certainly is on a roll these days — returning in 2018 with Spaceman, his third full-length record in just four years. Simply put, “Ace Frehey is back, and he told you so!”

Driven by the signature-style growl of guest bassist, song co-writer and former KISS colleague, Gene Simmons, “Without You I’m Nothing” kicks the nine-track collection off with a bang — one of the set’s strongest selections. Simmons also co-wrote and performs on another of the record’s noteworthy cuts, “Your Wish Is My Command.”

Oozing the pure rock riffage that has made Frehley a living legend, the record’s debut single, “Bronx Boy,” received high praise from fans and critics alike when it debuted earlier this spring, and rightfully so. Equally appealing, the recently-released second single from Spaceman, “Rockin’ with the Boys,” also possesses a familiar feel. Recounting tales of life on the road, Frehley proclaims, “No need to worry, I’ll be home soon, cause I’m rockin’ with the boys.”

Brimming with WOW-factor from start to finish, Spaceman also offers a rather unlikely cover of the 1986 Eddie Money classic, “I Wanna Go Back.” Although Frehley has developed an acknowledged rep over the years for recording (often unexpected) remakes, this one is a bona fide highlight.

Ace Frehley just won’t stop “Rockin’ With The Boys”. Here’s the proof!

Recorded at Frehley’s home studio in Rancho Santa Fe, California, Spaceman comes pretty darn close to recapturing the classic charm of his 1978 solo debut. He plays ALL of the guitar parts, as well as ALL of the bass tracks, except for Simmons’ two contributions. Frehley’s vocal performances are noticeably more polished than on some of his previous efforts, and even longtime drummer, Anton Fig, makes guest appearances on “Off My Back” and “Pursuit of Rock and Roll.”

In sum, Spaceman is an impressive piece of work — one that likely will “scratch” the “itch” of dedicated die-hards, while further enhancing Frehley’s impeccable street cred.

Spaceman Track Listing:

01. Without You I’m Nothing (4:04)
02. Rockin’ With the Boys (4:14)
03. Your Wish is My Command (3:37)
04. Bronx Boy (2:50)
05. Pursuit of Rock and Roll (4;32)
06. I Wanna Go Back (4:01)
07. Mission to Mars (3:38)
08. Off My Back (3:36)
09. Quantum Flux (6:26)

Run Time: 37 minutes
Release Date: October 19, 2018
Record Label: Entertainment One

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