When The Uncharted slam into “Deathdrive”, the opening track for their debut EP, Perspectives, you just get the feeling that you’re about to listen to an album that, in some grotty club, will absolutely fucking slay. For now though, listening to this beautifully heavy piece of work though a pair of cheap ass headphones will have to do.

Having said that, while there is no doubting that material like “Deathdrive” are built to cause maximum pit damage, plugging in those headphones and immersing yourself fully into the sound created by The Uncharted is equally as rewarding. For a start, you get to hear every twisted moment of this EP in its full multi-layered audio glory. From the swathes of electronics to the delicious mix of clean and guttural vocals to the barrage of techy mouth-watering riffery, the likes of “Half Light” and “Horizons” pull your senses is every direction. From the epic, almost proggy vocals of the former to the utterly crushing, sledgehammer delivery of the latter, The Uncharted have created an EP which, while it might only be six tracks long, is utterly captivating from start to finish.

Check out The Uncharted’s video for the crushing track “Revival”.

Comprising of seven members, each individual brings their own element to the party with every single piece of this musical jigsaw fitting comfortable together leaving barely a crease shown. Is it too early in their career to be describing a band as flawless? Well, listening to Perspectives, I’m not sure of another way to describe the sound of an EP which sounds as complete as this one does. Now, do yourselves a favour, sit back, immerse yourself in this one and just wait to see where this lot go from here.

Perspectives Track Listing:

01. Deathdrive
02. Catch 22
03. Half Light
04. Horizons
05. Vision
06. Revival

Run Time: 26:20
Release Date: September 28, 2018
Record Label: Self-Released

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