Swedish technical metal band Terminal Function are inviting you to take a virtual tour of the band’s Soundfraction Studios with this exclusive premiere of their 360 music video for “The End Delivered”. This is the big track off of their new four-track EP The Great Liberator, which was released last week on Swedish label Stupid Dream Records. The EP is the follow up to last year’s Krakstören and we encourage you to purchase the album right here.

The EP was recorded at Soundfraction Studios, located in Stockholm, which is Terminal Function’s very own recording studio. Again, the band has stuck to the EP format, as they have been doing for some time now as a means of getting music out to the fans as soon as they possibly can. Regarding why they choose EPs over LPs, the band stated, “the EP format works great for us because it lets us try out new stuff in faster iterations, which effectively means more music to our fans, more often.”

Regarding the video for “The End Delivered,” the band said, “Being a tech-metal band, we’re obviously very nerdy about the technical aspects of our music, as well as the more technological side of all the gear we use. We wanted to explore new and exciting ways of making a music video (this being our very first) and when we got our hands on a 360 camera, we did just that. You can now take a virtual tour of the Soundfraction Studios where our new EP The Great Liberator was recorded and get a unique experience of (virtually) being inside the room where the music was conceived, rehearsed and recorded. Watch all the drum hits David is playing, study Stefan and Mikael’s guitar finger settings up close or just stare into the abyss that is Victor, the singer’s crazy eyes. Take your pick! We hope that you’ll enjoy it! Mobile watching is recommended.”