Los Angeles-based indie/folk rock band The Mowgli’s join us for a new edition of Stereo Six, a feature where they offer up the five records (plus one curveball) that helped shape the group’s most recent EP, I Was Starting To Wonder. The album just dropped on August 17th through CandyShops Recordings and was preceded by a tour that saw the musicians venture back into more intimate venues to re-establish the close connection that they hold with their fanbase. Have a look!

01. The 1975 – I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It (2016)
Josh: The production, guitar tones, vocal layers, compression, songwriting – all of it makes for a classic record.

02. The Clash – London Calling (1979)
Andy: London Calling was just that album I listened to every single day, multiple times all of high school. It was like my music medicine, and I still frequently put that album on.

03. Sublime – Sublime (1996)
Josh: Sublime’s self-titled album was the soundtrack to our summers growing up. They capture Southern California lifestyle of the mid-‘90s perfectly and we still find inspiration in this album.

04. The Beatles – Rubber Soul (1965)
Andy: One of the first albums I ever played the drums entirely along to was Rubber Soul. Those grooves and fills became integral to my growth as a drummer, and I carry them with me still as a performer.

05. They – Nü Religion: Hyena (2017)
Matt: This group made me rethink how I utilized bass within all of my music. THEY are a hip-hop act built around ‘90s grunge influence and it made me want to play our songs with a little more grit.

06. [Curveball Answer] Jimmy Eat World – Clarity (1999)
Josh: This record has so much raw energy and emotion and has been an inspiration to all of us over the years.

Big thank you to The Mowgli’s keeping the spirit of Southern California alternative rock alive while offering a glimpse into their some of their most inspiration-inducing records.

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