Based in Los Angeles, the alluring duo of Jess Joy and Andrew Martin, of the band Moon Honey, are set to release their newest album, Mixed Media on Women, in September of 2018.

The album is thirteen tracks long, with each piece taking you on a different journey orchestrated by the dynamic vocals of Jess and the psychedelic guitar of Andrew. Starting out with “Life Has No Meaning”, you are immediately impressed with the band’s composition of how well the guitar and vocals play off of each other. When you check out their music videos such as “Betta Fish” or “Mask Maker”, you can also see that the group is just as theatrically amazing for your eyes as they are for your ears. Jess Joy directed, edited and starred in the music video for “Mask Maker”; a wonderful sight to see, as video production is a predominantly male-centric industry.

As the album trills along, you come across my favourite track, the whimsical and romantic “Boy Magic”. Then “Panther Water” comes out with power and a primal scream backed by a rolling drum beat – this song has edge. During “Myopia”, the tempo slows right down and Jess’s voice gains a guttural rasp before she brings it back up high to match the guitar while things pick back up as if this tangent never happened.

Check out the wonderful video for “Mask Maker”:

The overall feel of this album is smooth and velvety; there is nothing extremely heavy about this rock release and it more so speaks to the psychedelic nature of the band. Mixed Media on Woman is a dreamy and sweet effort with a sound to match the lush name of Moon Honey.

Mixed Media on Woman Track Listing:

01. Life Has No Meaning
02. Betta Fish
03. Mask Maker
04. That Dog
05. White Satin
06. Boy Magic
07. Trampoline
08. Two of Cups
09. Panther Water
10. Two Sisters
11. Myopia
12. The Magician
13. Pinata

Run Time: 58:16
Release Date: September 28, 2018
Record Label: Self-Released

Another wonderful video from Moon Honey. This time it’s “Life Has No Meaning”: