“Glass Eyes” is the third single off the full-length debut record Code Blue from Chicago, industrial/electronica artist I Ya Toyah. The song tells the story of a mental crash as a result of a chain reaction which is provoked by social expectations, pressure and the fear of failure which results in procrastination, inaction and eventual insanity. “Glass Eyes” is meant to act as a symbol for the distorted world in which we live in today which causes us to become the victims of constituted values and the system that supports them. We, as individuals, must question the rules which we live by and why we constantly seek approval from society.

In order to be socially accepted, people are pressured to fit into a definition, a label which merely acts as a moral agent suiting to control the mind that is meant to be free. The song was written to make a statement that viewing the world differently does not and should not be considered the wrong thing. It’s okay not to be okay, because really, we all aren’t necessarily “okay.” Due on October 26th, Code Blue will include ten industrial electronic tracks, which will make you think. Be sure to pre-order the album right here.

Commenting on the circumstances around the writing of the song, singer Ania Tarnowska really provided some thought-provoking insight, stating, “I wrote ‘Glass Eyes’ on the day I woke up feeling sick. My mind was blurry, eyes glassy, I had a fever and was really unwell. I had no physical energy and yet so much pressure from the outside world to put a smile on and go about my normal day, and… I suddenly felt the urge to write the thoughts that were piling up in my mind, and…I wrote that song. The video expresses the exact emotions I had in me at that time, chaos, imbalance, distortion, insanity… The images that come one after another are mirroring the state of my mind that day. They are a trip into an obscure subconscious self inside, and they resemble what neurotransmitters must feel like when traveling from an electrical signal into a visual reality. This video is my very personal take on inner darkness – that’s why it is presented in color and high energy speed, to contra-balance the misconception of what depression or any mental unease is.”