If you’re not yet in the know about FifCitydreams, well, then it’s your lucky day since we’re presenting you the exclusive premiere of his track “Cashanove (We Alike).” This young up-and-comer from Ottawa, Ontario is zoned in on writing his music not only for himself, but also as a means of deep and personal self-expression and ultimately for what matters most; the audience. The word “city” is included in his name, not just because it sounds edgy, but also primarily to show that he is all about his city and inhabitants thereof. The hip-hoper is striving towards making a positive difference through music to everyone that his tunes may reach the world over.

“Cashanove (We Alike)” is filled with clever hooks and a powerful message. It’s targeting listeners on a deeper level, trying to help them discover new feelings and create their own unique listening experience. It’s a clever blend of hip-hop and pop packaged as a high energy, feel-good experience with lyrics written from the heart that are relatable to anyone listening. With inspiration coming from the struggles of everyday life, FifCitydreams connects with listeners in a way that few others in his genre can. If you’re really digging this song, then purchase a digital copy here.

Briefly commenting on his music, the artist said, “Never be afraid to say what’s on your mind because not saying anything means you are choosing to see the world fall.”

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