Rising melodic metallers Fear Me December are set to release their new EP, Crystallized, on Friday 7th September so, ahead of the release this week, we sat down with the band to get a track-by-track insight into the inspiration behind the songs.

01. Fight Me
– This song is my statement where I finally found strenght, ready to step up and do what it takes to survive. Talks about that next level when you come out of the bottom line, leave all the bad things behind and start believing that no one will defeat you.

Check out the video for “Crystallized”:

02. Not Wired the Same
– Talks about someone who reached the limit and decides to commit suicide. But this person doesn’t blame it on anyone or anything else for taking this decision. We are way different, our brains are not wired as everyone else and we feel sad and depressed but we cannot trace it back to anything in particular. Sometimes it feels like we don’t belong. This goodbye letter is not written with hate or depression, but accepting the reality she feels as her own.

03. This Is Not OK
– People is living in fear and depression because of bully, because others decide to act like they have the right to stump on other poeple’s head and make their lives misserable. This song that wants to stop people from hurting others. Speak up for what is right. Stop the pain.

04. Crystallized
– Think about that person that tried to sink you down below, who wants to stop you from reaching your dreams, this is what we have to say to them. You know you try to, we know you can’t. We are keeping our dreams alive. Protect your dreams no matter what.

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