Alt-rockers Icarus Dive are set to release their stunning new EP, Among The Thorns, this Friday. We asked the band to give us an exclusive insight to the EP.

Among the Thorns explores the idea of change; how we experience it, how we control it, how we justify it. Whether the change is of our own choice or forced upon us, for the better or worse, each track explores what happens in our mind in that moment of change and the pain and struggles that come with it. Sometimes it’s worth every moment of that pain and sometimes we end up even more tangled than we were before.”

1. Hydra
At its core, this track is about finding the thing you were made to do and making the decision to pursue that with everything you have. For me it was about a transitional part of my life. I found the band and I decided to run at that headfirst. I think there’s a real freedom that comes with allowing yourself to be consumed by the thing you do best.

Check out the lyric video to “Hydra”:

2. Murder and Lies
This song is by far the darkest on the EP but also the most theatrical. It’s spoken from a person that is going through deep internal struggle and is fighting a losing battle with a darker side of themselves. Mostly sung from the perspective of the villain, he boasts about an intricate web of lies and the brutal murder of the truth. There is a lot of power and responsibility that comes with the ability to bend the truth and the lies that we tell can create a completely false world for the people around us to live in.

Listen to the “Murder and Lies” here:

3. Mesmerised
I always find it interesting to personify the different aspects of our personality as individual characters within the mind, often battling for control. Similar to “Murder and Lies”, this track talks about two characters in the antagonists mind however this time, the controlling persona is calling upon another side of themselves, that may have been laying dormant for a long time, to come forth and free them from a life they do not have the strength to break away from themselves.

Sometimes change is necessary for our own progression and benefit but it may come at a price for ourselves or someone else. Maybe we need to break away from a relationship that has grown stale… Though we know what has to happen, we struggle to find the courage to do it. I think we all sometimes wish we could call in someone else to do the dirty work, which is why I think this fantasy appeals to me of giving away control and ridding ourselves of the responsibility and consequence.

4. The New Gods
This track talks of a change that we are all experiencing, the rise of technology, the power of surveillance and the slow process of the digitising of our personalities. Every day we give away more and more information about ourselves and our loved ones to powerful, faceless, online algorithms. Though they might not have sinister intentions, the responsibility we give them is enormous. This track is more a warning to be aware of our actions and take control of what we choose to give away to the world.”


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