With Riot Fest featuring at least 29 bands per day, there isn’t much time to do anything else but listen to the music. But, if you find yourself with copious free time, or just hate the current groups on stage, there actually is plenty to do besides music. Some you can even do while listening to whoever is on. So, here are 8 things we checked out (and that you should’ve too) at Riot Fest 2018!

01. Eat!
– Yes, we have to keep in-taking substance as to not faint while moshing to “Fill in the blank” band. And there are so many choices provided. From sweet and tasty but heart attack-causing grilled cheeses by Cheesie’s food truck to classic Maxwell Street Dogs, you can gorge yourself then go burn it off in the pit.

02. Go on Amusement Rides
– Zippers, Ferris Wheels and Spinning carts provide a nice break from the crowds and a chance to sit and cool of while possibly puking up all the beer you had earlier.

Check out John Lally’s gallery of sick live shots of both Hellzapoppin and Punks and Paintbrushes.

03. Get a Haircut
American Crew was providing free haircuts in exchange for an Instagram hashtag. While limited slots, if you signed up early enough you could relax and listen to the bands on stage. Plus your mom would be happy and not bitch about you going to listen to “that music”!

04. Relax…
– …in the Dos Equis Cantina with a cold beer away from the heat and crowds.

05. See the Circus!
– For years now Hellzapoppin’ Sideshow has been supporting Riot Fest by giving us some of the freakiest acts around. Human pincushions, sword swallowers and fire performers entertain and shock us with multiple shows throughout each fest day. Support them and go faint as they drive nails into their heads and put razor blades down their throats.

Peep this Riot Fest 2018 promo video for a sore reminder of what you missed.

06. Get Some Culture…
– …by visiting the Punks and Paintbrushes tent. Sponsored by Deep Eddy Vodka {which tastes really good and packs a decent punch btw} this exhibit showcases punk musicians who also express their creativity through canvas and paint. You can even buy one to hang on your wall to show how cool you are!

07. Shop!
– Here is your chance to get that band t-shirt of the one you just listened too. Or be really edgy and buy a Cat skull ring from such vendors as Martha’s Rotten Jewelry. The Riot Mall has something for everyone including CBD candy.

08. People Watch
– It’s free. Its endlessly amusing. Yes that person wearing the mankini did it on purpose.