Covet are a shimmering, glorious instrumental math-rock three-piece out of San-Francisco. Having just released their newest EP effloresce on July 13th via Triple Crown Records, the group are poised to gain even more attention for their phenomenal sound, and, for this iteration of our Women of Rock series, we have Covet’s insanely talented guitarist, Yvette Young, listing five female acts she can’t get enough of.

effloresce, Covet’s newest six-track EP out now on Triple Crown Records.

01. Hop Along (Philadelphia, PA)
Genres: Emo, Folk Rock, Indie Rock
Links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

– A band from Philly! I am just so addicted to Frances’ voice and the songwriting is so great. The vocal melodies are so creative over already interesting melodies. And it all manages to be really catchy still and memorable!

“How Simple” off of 2018’s Bark Your Head Off, Dog.

02. SALES (Orlando, FL)
Genres: Lo-Fi, Indie
Links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

– Great dreamy lo-fi indie two-piece from Orlando, Florida . I love her voice and she plays really dreamy guitar over it all. Perfect mellowing out or study/painting music. The guitar tones are really lush and nice too.

Get it on with SALES’ “Getting It On”.

03. Kississippi (Philadelphia, PA)
Genres: Alternative, Indie
Links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

– Another indie act from Philly! I really admire their songwriting and have their work stuck in my head all the time.

Watch Zoe from Kississippi perform ”Cut Yr Teeth” for a Brunch Tunes session.

04. Nanna Bryndís (Iceland)
Genres: Indie Folk, Indie Pop
Links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

– Icelandic singer and guitarist! I first found her through Olafur Arnalds. She sang on one of his tracks, “Particles”, and I was hooked on her voice! She also plays in the indie folk band Of Monsters and Men.

Get hooked on Nanna’s voice with the video for Arnald’s “Particles”.

05. Tricot (Kyoto, Japan)
Genres: Math Rock
Links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

– An amazing Japanese band that’s 3/4 female. Amazing musicianship and amazing performers as well.

The amazing video for the amazing song “Potage”. Seriously though, this band kills it.

So there you have it, five of the must-know female-centric musical acts according to Covet guitarist Yvette Young. Whether or not you agree with her is up to you, but you’d be a fool to not think these bands are worth their weight in Grammys. Regardless, here’s some crazy shredding to send you off…

Feast your eyes on the tapping based shred-clinic Yvette Young puts on in this Audiotree session for “Charybdis”.


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