With Confidence have released now another new video for “Moving Boxes” off of their new album Love and Loathing. The song was written by guitarist Inigo Del Carmen with this new album being the Australian band’s sophomore full-length record.

Commenting on the song, Del Carmen said, “I wrote ‘Moving Boxes’ when I was packing up to move all my things to my girlfriend’s place in LA. The idea came to me when my room was pretty much cleared out and I had all the things I needed packed but I didn’t know what to do with this box of things that didn’t have any purpose. It was all sentimental things like a box of photos, a jar of seashells, old birthday cards, there was a plastic rose from my first valentine from grade seven and other little trinkets from old friends that had no real purpose. It just gave me the idea that the memories all these items hold will be there regardless of whether I have the actual item or not.”

He continued, “The main idea behind the song and video is that our memories aren’t bound to these physical objects. I feel like leaving these mementos behind was helping me move out of home by focusing on the things I really needed and leaving behind the things I didn’t.”