Formed in Detroit, Michigan in 2010, several of the members of Wilson met as students at Michigan State University. The group has released two full-length albums over the past eight years, 2013’s Full Blast Fuckery and 2015’s Right To Rise, in addition to the 2010 EP Standing On The Reel. Touring in support of Full Blast… was done alongside the likes of GWAR, Jason Newsted, and Scorpion Child.

The quintet — which includes vocalist Chad Nicefield, guitarists Jason Spencer and Kyle Landry, bassist James Lascu and drummer Matt Puhy — has a third studio album ready for release, Tasty Nasty. That new collection was recorded with Scott Stevens (Sixx A.M, Papa Roach, Nothingmore) at the helm. Tasty Nasty is to be released August 24th (get your pre-order on here).

We had the pleasure of doing a Q&A with Mr. Nicefield about the future of Wilson, which will reportedly include live dates with Theory Of A Deadman, and plenty more, including microdosing. If you’ve never heard of microdosing, it’s a technique used for studying the behavior of drugs in humans by administering very small dosages, and interestingly, many artists have begun to utilize this technique to maximize creativity.

Look “Like a Baller” and tell all your friends about Wilson’s new video.

Do you feel that there are any misconceptions about microdosing?
Chad Nicefield: Well, just like anything that sounds or feels very foreign to most of society, there will be misconceptions. I suppose one of my biggest “problems,” I was searching to find clarity on was just that, why would I create any personal, unfound agenda with or against a concept that I haven’t educated myself on the best I possibly could. So, the short of the answer you’re looking for is, “yes.” The depth of that answer is quite vast.

How did you first learn about microdosing?
Nicefield: When I was traveling in Asia in 2017. I’ve known of the term “microdosing” for a few years but didn’t find a space in my life to dive deeper into it until then.

Before getting into microdosing, where were you at in terms of sobriety and chemical enhancement?
Nicefield: I haven’t been, by the definition, a sober person since I was 15. I had experimented with LSD/psychedelic enhancement a few times over the years. Mostly when I was a teen until 2017.

Tasty Nasty is due out on August 24, 2018, via Century Media.

For optimal effect, how much microdosing do you find to be a good thing?
Nicefield: I spent almost nine months microdosing LSD. But that’s me taking one tab containing roughly 100 ug of LSD over the course of two weeks, followed by two to three weeks off, completely. I used the distilled water measurement/distribution method.

Was all of your latest album written while microdosing? Some of it?
Nicefield: Not all of it, as there were a lot of songs that we had written Pre-the-Asia/Microdosing period. And some of those made the record. Not in their original form completely, but the “re-writes” of those songs that did make the record came to be during that period of time, yes. The main writing portion was during this point of my life, yes.

Are you aware of other musicians who have been efficient with microdosing?
Nicefield: Musicians and artists have been enhancing themselves through many mediums, a lot that involve narcotic substances, psychedelic substances and alcoholic substances since the beginning of time. I haven’t paid attention to any musicians per se using microdosing in their lives to create their art, but I know a ton of other types of artists/influencers that have experimented during their processes.

Where did the idea for having “party animals” in your band’s domain name come from?
Nicefield: Being young, drunk and dumb. And having a band that’s called Wilson and partying. Our new domain name is However, if you were to use it will re-direct you to “the House.”

There’s no way in hell that this tune can ”Fuck Up My High”.

Microdosing aside, what is coming up for you and band?
Nicefield: A really fun record that our DNA shines across and feels absolutely perfect for Wilson is going to be released August 24th worldwide. We will be touring. We will be creating more memories with the House Of Fuckery Krew. We will be doing whatever the fuck we please.

When not busy with music or microdosing, how do you like to spend your free time?
Nicefield: I enjoy many things. Some of those that I care to share would be, listening to new music, kayaking, running, writing, loving and taking care of business like a baller.

What was the last concert you attended for fun?
Nicefield: Every concert I attend is for fun. Whether that is because I’m performing or fanning out. The last concert I attended that I didn’t play was Betty Who.

Finally, Chad, any last words for the kids?
Nicefield: Don’t fear the unknown. Embrace those fears. Own them. Use them. Let them show you more of who you are. You sexy motherfucker. That’s right, you’re sexy. You got this. All of it. All of the time! Long live the fuckery!