Capturing listeners with soft lyrics and powerful imagery, Hayley Reardon’s take on the well known classic “America The Beautiful” shares an empowering message of today’s society. As an artist who has long been using her platform to encourage social change, Hayley’s latest music video is no exception.

“This old anthem, originally written in the 1800s, felt so poignant and important all of a sudden. This “America the Beautiful” is for all of the good, honorable people of every color, background, circumstance, and political affiliation who are out there every day, doing the best they can and whether they know it or not, making and keeping America beautiful — even in divisive and disappointing times like these.” – Hayley Reardon, on her song “America The Beautiful”

Hayley takes the audience on a reminiscent journey to remind us of what makes America the beautiful country it is today, despite the obstacles and mistakes that have been made along the way. From the “black lives that matter, more than they’ll ever know” to the imagery of a “woman reading to a child on the crowded city subway” – Hayley intertwines the myriad of everyday scenes and social topics that are relevant in today’s society. Poignant lyrics remind listeners of the American pride and hunger that is buried deep in the American spirit and continues on generation after generation.
Evocative imagery of protests for justice, city scenes mixed with rural landscapes, national landmarks of remembrance, and people of all walks of life seem ever more symbolic in the timeless black and white scenes. In a world where it is so easy to turn on the news and see the negativity of today’s culture, Hayley reminds us that the beauty of our country lies within the story of how America was built and the journey we have taken as a country to change the way the world sees freedom and opportunity.
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