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Pink Mass – “Necrosexual” [Album Review]

If the artwork turns you off, this record was never intended for you. If you’re on board with it, then Pink Mass’ Necrosexual is one of the most invigorating and vital extreme metal records to be released in recent times.



There’s something of an expectation that, when it comes to extreme metal, it will be shocking in some way. It might be that the Satanic imagery a band employs is designed to offend the supposed Christian morals of mainstream society; or that their serial killer-inspired lyrics go against good taste. And then sometimes, a band will emerge who expose such things as the tired cliches they are. Pink Mass are not your typical extreme metal band. Given that their name refers to a Satanic ritual that “turns” a heterosexual spirit in to a homosexual one, it should be clear that they’re not afraid to use shocking imagery or lyrics; but, they’re not doing so from some worn-out, pseudo-Satanic viewpoint. Instead, the band – and Necrosexual – are all about fulfilling every sexual urge you ever had, of liberation from oppression and embracing freedom. It’s all set to a soundtrack that combines blackened crust, grind, death metal, and proto-black metal to hugely energetic and furious results.

At 27 minutes, in length, Necrosexual has absolutely no room for flab or excess. It’s good, then, that Pink Mass have created something that is completely streamlined, with each one of these songs being a precisely crafted piece of extremity. Those tracks that ease off slightly – such as the spoken sample-based “Lair of the Hedonist” – serve to add to this overall atmosphere of speed and lust, creating just enough of a pause for breath to stop the record being sonically overwhelming. There are plenty of changes in tempo and emphasis throughout, ensuring the energy stays high and that it stays musically interesting. However, depending on the listener, it may still come across as being too much to handle. After all, this is an album that is all about tearing down heteronormative standards and expectations, and rejoicing in the freedom that doing so brings. It is a record that seeks to empower those who are not normally in a dominant position, inverting the usual social dynamics and laughing maniacally as it does so.

Rip through the track “Dismal Tormentor” at warp speed.

Related to this, Necrosexual achieves that rare distinction of actually sounding dangerous – and not in the usual sense of try-hard edgelords playing with fascist imagery. It’s easy to forget just how shocking extreme metal was in the ‘80s, when bands such as Repulsion and Venom first created their unholy sounds, and whilst Pink Mass may not sound like they’re from that era, they create a similar impression of a band unchained by expectations, simply doing what they want to do, “good taste” and the opinion of others be damned. Nor are they picking on easy targets, as song titles like “F.O.A.D N.S.B.M.” and “Extinction of the Breeders” [1] make clear. That it’s all wrapped up in a very crust-like production gives it that extra edge, with every aspect of these songs lunging from the speakers like a wolf going straight for the throat.

Ultimately, Necrosexual succeeds in doing what it sets out to do. It is a record that is determined to carve out its own space in the underground, to twist the mundane, heteronormative imagery into something far more thrilling, to give power to those who usually lack it, and spread the sheer pleasure of liberation via fast, aggressive music. The aesthetic is bound to upset some, but that’s entirely the point – if the artwork turns you off, then this record was never intended for you in the first place. But if you’re on board with it, then Necrosexual is a thrilling ride, and one of the most invigorating and vital extreme metal records to be released in recent times.

Haven’t had enough? Good thing you can stream the whole album here!

Necrosexual Track Listing:

01. Invocation of the Necrosexual
02. Hedonist’s Lament
03. Dismal Tormentor
04. Bestial Sodomizers
05. Crypt Perversor
06. Extinction of the Breeders
07. Lair of the Hedonist
08. Voreified
09. Altar of Domination
10. Craving Asphyxiation
11. Excoriated Purity
12. F.O.A.D. N.S.B.M.
13. Sigil of the Sexorcist

Run Time: 27:04
Release Date: August 3, 2018
Record Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

1. “Breeder” is a slang term used by some within LGBT+ circles to refer to heterosexuals.