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LORDS OF THE TRIDENT’s Seventh Album Annihilates Their ‘Shadows From The Past’ [Exclusive Premiere]

With its imminent release on August 24th, we’re stoked to unveil a full stream of the mighty Shadows From The Past album from Wisconsin metallers, Lords of the Trident!



Hot off their video for the single “Reaper’s Hourglass”, and just ahead of the August 24th release of their new album, we’re stoked to unveil a full stream of the mighty Shadows From The Past from Wisconsin metallers, Lords of the Trident! Even better, the stream and record release precede the power/heavy metal band’s appearance at the Mad With Power Fest on Saturday, August 25th.

Armed with a slew of solid songs, the group’s live set also features the fantastical fun of pyrotechnics, confetti cannons, medieval costumes, and flaming guitars. Needless to say, seeing this act perform is not only a treat, but the way the music should be experienced. The Kickstarter-supported Shadows From The Past marks the guys’s seventh recording and includes eleven new songs to choose from for their live setlist creation.

Speaking of the new tunes, the band joyfully proclaimed: “The tinder is dry, the gasoline is giving off pleasant fumes, and the cords of wood have been piled high: FINALLY the world is ready for the FIERY EXPLOSION of our new release, Shadows from the Past!! Since we’ve already tested the album on a few human subjects (may they rest in peace), we’d recommend the following: A) find your strongest battle helmet and put it on. B) use at least two layers of chain mail before pressing play, and C) have the nearest plastic surgeon on speed dial, because this new album will almost certainly melt your face off!”

Be sure to also check out the above-mentioned “Reaper’s Hourglass” video.

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