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Iron Maiden @ Manchester Arena (Manchester, UK) on August 6, 2018 [Photos & Show Review]

Thousands of fans all in Iron Maiden t-shirts descend on Manchester Arena as the heavy metal legends roll into town on the Legacy Of The Beast tour. Check out our photos and review of this perfect heavy metal display here.



As far as the eye can see, there are Iron Maiden descending down on Manchester Arena as the heavy metal legends roll into the town for the latest date on their Legacy Of The Beast tour. It’s been the same for decades though as and, in return for this unwavering loyalty, Iron Maiden put on their biggest, loudest, most extravagant show ever.

Fans of all nationalities go absolutely batshit from the moment the lights dim and the familiar voice of Winston Churchill booms out across the arena. The curtains part, a blinding light show kicks in and the band race onto the stage underneath an almost life-size replica of a Spitfire and straight into opener “Aces High”. The set continues with more classics in the form of “Where Eagles Dare”, “2 Minutes To Midnight” and “The Clansman” while Bruce does battle with a twelve foot Eddie during a glorious rendition of “The Trooper”. Despite having almost four decades of material to choose from, it’s fair to say that in the opening half an hour alone, Maiden have given their fans an absolute mouthwatering set of songs.

Check out what Iron Maiden had to say about the “Legacy Of The Beast Tour”:

Aside from the set list (and the small matter of Bruce slipping onstage during “2 Minutes to Midnight”), this is an absolutely flawless performance from a band who are quite simply unstoppable. Using every inch of the stage, pulling every heavy metal pose in the rulebook and sounding note perfect, it’s would be fair to say that Iron Maiden are looking and sounding better than they ever have. It doesn’t stop there though as they race through “Revelations”, “Flight Of Icarus” and “Fear Of The Dark” and into the latter part of the show and what a finale!

The familiar intro to “Number Of The Beast” rings out around the Arena as the band power through a whole raft of classics. From “Iron Maiden” through “The Evil The Men Do” and “Hallowed Be Thy Name”, the heavy metal icons bow out with a thunderous rendition of “Run To The Hills” leaving thousands of fans with ringing ears and sore necks having seen the perfect display of British Heavy Metal.

Iron Maiden Set List
Aces High
Where Eagles Dare
2 Minutes To Midnight
The Clansman
The Trooper
Greater Good
Sign Of The Cross
Flight Of Icarus
Fear Of The Dark
Number Of The Beast
Iron Maiden
The Evil That Men Do
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Run To The Hills

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