Having recently released their new single, “Mechanical World”, a song Gold Key frontman Steve Sears described as being about “not being able to shut down from the technology we simultaneously rely on”, we sat down with Steve to get his thoughts on some of the modern day technology that is now an integrated part of our society whether we like it or not as well as getting his thoughts on some of the technologies that could be changing our lives in years to come. Read what he had to say here:

01. Supermarket Self-Service Checkouts
Steve: “I worked in a bunch of shops as a lad so it kinda bums me out that I still have to scan shopping. I feel like I will never fully escape working at a till. Oh well. I’m all for the five pence bags, mind.”

02. Smartphones
Steve: “A blessing and a curse. A lot of the new Gold Key record is about technology being a double edged sword. Of course it’s great to be connected but a lot of the time I really just want to be left alone. I’ll openly admit that I’m a slave to mine, I think we all are. I think it’s nice to document good times with social media as long as you are not trying to fake how successful you are. A sure way to feel like your life is rubbish – and that everyone else’s is fantastic – is to endlessly scroll through Instagram.”

03. VAR (Video Assisted Referee)
Steve: “I swear everyone in that VAR booth was secretly taking bribes. Some insane decisions came out of it this World Cup.”

Check out the video to “Mechanical World” here:

04. Amazon’s Delivery by Drone Service
Steve: “I love drones and fully back anything that makes it seem like we are living in a sci-fi movie. You probably couldn’t order a fridge freezer or a set of gym weights though.”

05. Telephone Automated Queuing Systems
Steve: “I actually waited on hold this very morn to cancel the BT Broadband for my old studio. I resent having to dictate a fourteen digit reference number, postcode, phone number, date of birth, name of my aunt’s first cat etc. to a machine – only to be asked for them all again two minutes later by Gary at Customer Support.”

06. Driverless Cars
Steve: “Bring it on. I get pretty bad road rage so maybe not having as many wallies on the road would help. Or maybe I’m the wally. Either way, thumbs up to commutes being more like a scene out of Minority Report.

Gold Key have spent early 2018 working on the anticipated follow up to Hello, Phantom and will be heading out on the road in October supporting Black Peaks on their UK tour.

Tour Dates:

10/13 – Newcastle – The Cluny
10/14 – Glasgow – Tuts
10/16 – Leeds – Key Club
10/17 – Manchester – Academy 3
10/18 – Birmingham – Hare & Hounds
10/19 – London – Camden Underworld
10/21 – Worthing – Forty Two


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