Described best (by me) stylistically as Cheap Trick-meets-Elvis Costello at a midnight showing of Magical Mystery Tour, the Chicago-based combo Enuff Z’nuff remains a golden treasure — nearly 30 years after the release of the band’s self-titled, landmark 1989 debut.

Produced by patriarch, bassist and current frontman, Chip Z’nuff, Diamond Boy packs plenty of punch and crunch, and oozes the group’s irresistible groovy appeal and melodic charm. And despite possessing a less than sparkly aural sheen, the 11-track collection is brimming with highlights galore.

“Where Did You Go” delivers classic Enuff Z’nuff sing-along pop craftsmanship. Equally infectious, “We’re All The Same” grapples lyrically with current cultural trends. While “Fire & Ice” serves as arguably the record’s brightest signature-style moment, guitarists Tony Fennell and Tory Stoffregen drive “Faith, Hope & Luv” with Formula 1-caliber precision. Rounding out the set, the mid-tempo “Imaginary Man” drips with a magical allure reminiscent of the band’s 1991 masterpiece, Strength.

In sum, with its latest studio slab, Enuff Z’nuff will no doubt “scratch” the “itch” of longtime enthusiasts.

“Where Did You Go”, dude? You haven’t listened to this song yet.

Diamond Boy Track Listing:

01. Transcendence
02. Diamond Boy
03. Where Did You Go
04. We’re All The Same
05. Fire & Ice
06. Down On Luck
07. Metalheart
08. Love Is On The Line
09. Faith, Hope & Luv
10. Dopesick
11. Imaginary Man

Run Time: 47:00
Release Date: August 10, 2018
Record Label: Frontiers Music


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