Australian progressive metal band Circles have a new album coming called The Last One and the third track to be unveiled is the above music video for “Dream Sequence.” The album is a fierce and forward-thinking affair, adding a new level to the legacy of the band. It sees the quartet hone their blend of melody and power into a sharper and more dynamic sound.

Regarding the new track, guitarist/vocalist Ben Rechter commented, “Musically, the song is the most direct on the album, adhering to a more ‘traditional’ song structure with a verse and ‘chorus’ of sorts that anchor the song as it develops and briefly veers off in different musical directions. The music and lyrics are also closely intertwined, with complementary changes in tone, tempo, and dissonance as the lyrical narrative progresses. I always loved songs that are a perfect reflection of the lyrical landscapes within them, where the music is an integral part of the ‘story’ of a song, and I think this is one of our best examples of it to date.”

The Last One Track Listing:

01. Winter
02. Breaker
03. The Messenger
04. Arrival
05. Tether
06. Resolution
07. Dream Sequence
08. Renegade
09. Blueprints for a Great Escape
10. Alone With Ghosts