Bury Tomorrow have become a force to be reckoned with. On July 13th, the band released Black Flame (purchase here), their fifth studio record and first for Music For Nations / Sony Music, which has really taken off and become perhaps their most successful recording to date. While not playing his bass like a badass, the band’s Davyd Winter-Bates is also a huge aficionado of comic books. He’s not some guy who’s just into the Hollywood movies either, he actually knows his comics! Outside of their crazy promo schedule, David took the time to share with us a list of his top 10 favourite comic books.

10. Nailbiter
Nailbiter could easily have been my favourite comic ever, but there was some really stiff competition. With the tone of Se7en and the intrigue of True Detective, I read this entire series in under two days. I just couldn’t stop. Definitely one for horror fans.

09. The Sword
– I’ve always loved the Lunar Brothers. Their writing is weird and unexpected and never predictable. In essence, the premise of this comic is pretty problematic and a little stupid: A magical sword that grants a wheelchair-bound girl superpowers, however, it’s told in a touching and sensitive way and follows a vengeful protagonist that has a single end goal in mind. It’s as inspiring as it is dark.

The “Black Flame” video is scorching hot! Check it out…

08. 30 Days of Night
Ben Templesmith has always been up there with my all-time favourite comic visionaries. This is a classic series about a group of vampires that terrorize a far-northern mining town plunged into its annual 30-day winter darkness. Templesmith manages to make a book set completely in the dark feel vibrant and multi-tonal. I’ve read this series repeatedly every year since I first got hold of it. It’s stunning on every page.

07. Spider-Man (Miles Morales version)
Spider-Man/Peter Parker was my (as well as many others) first entry into true comic books. I read it religiously since I was about 13. However, I lost my way when the stories became convoluted. Along crawled Miles Morales and I was hooked once more. The way this series was written is so reminiscent of the early Peter Parker and it grabbed me from the origin until the present. I can honestly say now that Miles is my favorite Spider in the Spiderverse.

06. Civil War I
– This comic blew my mind. I didn’t know it was possible to see this much drama and death in a Marvel comic until I read Civil War. The Ultimate universe going toe to toe with each other was something every single Avengers fan knew they wanted, and it was executed with enough gravitas to feel the true repercussions for all the titles involved moving forward.

The album Black Flame was released on July 13th via Music For Nations / Sony Music.

05. Inhumans
– The Inhumans pitch is sort of essentially X-Men in space but its so much more. It’s an epic royalist comic in the vein of Game of Thrones, with the feuding and class divide of the Inhumans constantly coming into play. I was so excited when they announced it as a TV show, but it was so terrible and far from source material I only lasted 25 minutes before I stopped watching. Considering I’ve been reading about these characters for fifteen years – that says a lot.

04. Invincible
Invincible starts off as any other superhero origin but quickly propels you into an intergalactic race war. It doesn’t pull any punches (pun intended) and is constantly surprising and with a 170+ issue run, it’s great to delve into the worlds of more than just the main character.

03. The Boys
– When superheroes become celebrities they abuse their power and step into The Boys, a vigilante government organization that keeps these super beings in check. Exceptionally depraved and deep, this series by Garth Ennis is a spectacle of comic creation. You will never imagine the twists… nor might you want to.

Bury Tomorrow recently released their new music video for “The Age”.

02. Nemesis
– This is maybe the most sadistic comic I’ve ever read. Imagine if the Joker had Batman’s money and decided to become the world’s only supervillain. A very clever and thought-provoking mini-series about how far good can be bent before it snaps.

01. Paper Girls
– This series is a pure delight! From Cliff Chaing’s unique and stunning art to the masterful writing of Brian K Vaughn, there is nothing about this comic that I don’t love. It’s a love letter to ‘80s sci-fi that wears its reference firmly in main-view. It’s the best thing I’ve read in years and cannot wait for more.


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