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Baker’s Dozen with Danny P. – Prep Some “Grown-up Green Eggs and Ham”

Chef Danny P. is at it once again. This week he’s having fun with some potent puns and shows us how to whip up the best brunch ever. Baker’s Dozen is back and this is “Grown-up Green Eggs and Ham”.



“Fallen morning star I am. And I want to eat green eggs and ham. With toast and pesto, fuck all that jam. To eat with my green eggs and ham.”

Green Eggs and Ham has been a jokingly discussed recipe since Dr. Seuss served as a field doctor in the Ottoman invasion of Western Georgia. Many questions are brought to a readers attention when tackling this subject. How do we incorporate the green? What is the green? Like… “green” green? Is green on top also okay?

If ya do it right, your grown-up GE&H will also appear this advanced.


Through years of research, I have formed what I feel is the perfect green eggs and ham. The Serrano ham is the top choice that I use here, the more natural curing process provides a deeper flavor without being overly salty. And the celery in the pesto makes for a more earthy approach to the flavors of the ham. All to be enjoyed with well-buttered and well-crisped potato bread. This recipe can be made ahead of time for a quick breakfast on the go.

Before you get all poetic with your highly tasty breaky, stream these tunes!


– 4 Hard Boiled Eggs
– 4 Slice of bread, I prefer Potato Bread for this recipe
– 4 slices Spanish Serrano Ham, or Italian Prosciutto
– 1 cup Celery Pesto

Celery Pesto:
– 1 ½ cups Celery Leaves, chopped
– ½ cup Parsley, chopped
– ¼ cup Walnuts, chopped
– 2 cloves Garlic, chopped
– ½ cup CannaOil (Olive oil preferably)
– ¼ cup Olive Oil
– Salt and Pepper, to taste
Note: Place leftover pesto in the fridge in a tightly closed container for up to 2 weeks.


Sour Diesel. With another throwback bud, the strain that defined the ‘90s, provides a pungent good morning kiss that goes hand in hand with the celery pesto. And the sativa effects work nicely as a morning treat to get your day started. Get more information via here.


Step 1: Place eggs in a small saucepan and cover with cold water (make sure the water covers the egg by at least an inch) and bring to a boil.

Step 2: Once the water reaches a full rolling boil, turn off the heat and let sit for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes drain the hot water and immediately run under cold water to cool down the eggs.

Step 3: Peel the eggs, slice into thin pieces (buy an egg slicer, it’s a dollar and your shit will look fancy) and set aside.

Step 4: With a mortar and pestle or food processor, combine the pesto ingredients and mix until a thick and chunky pesto is formed. Add more oil if it is too thick. The idea is to he able to spoon it over your food but not have it run all over the place.

Step 5: In a 425 degree oven, crisp the ham for 6-8 minutes. Think nicely cooked bacon.

Step 6: While your ham is crisping, place a tablespoon of butter (or cannabutter) in a pan over medium-high heat. Cut your bread into points and crisp in your hot butter until browned. 2 minutes a side depending on how hot your pan is.

Step 7: Lay your sliced eggs on a plate with pieces of your ham alternating with the eggs. Spoon pesto over top and save the rest on the side for extra dipping.

Step 8: Have your toast points on the side and serve with fresh black pepper.

If you catch Sweet’s video below… you might meet a “Fox On The Run”.

Suggested Baker’s Dozen “Grown-up Green Eggs and Ham” Playlist:

01. Tucky Buzzard – “Time Will Be Your Doctor”
02. Gwar – “Saddam a GoGo”
03. Metallica – “Trapped Under Ice”
04. Witch – “Rip Van Winkle”
05. Sweet – “Fox On The Run”
06. Modest Mouse – “Shit Luck”
07. Big Business – “Start Your Digging”
08. Ted Nugent – “Stranglehold”
09. Uriah Heep – “Easy Livin’”
10. Devil’s Witches – “Black Cauldron”
11. Joe Cuba – “El Pito”
12. Grand Funk Railroad – “Shinin’ On”
13. Dopelord – “Pass The Bong”


Danny P. is a Toronto, Canada-based chef with a love for music, food and baking (both kinds). He may be stuck in the ‘70s, but he is definitely not stuck in his ways. In this series Dan will bring you some of his favourite recipes for absolutely tasty bake-worthy goods. If you have any comments, suggestions or other inquiries, hit him up on Instagram at @bakersdozenrocks.


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