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7 Lucky Things to See and/or Do While at PSYCHO LAS VEGAS 2018

For the third year in a row, Psycho Las Vegas will be making its presence felt in the “Entertainment Capital of The World.” We’ve compiled a list of the TOP 7 things you ought to do while hitting up one of the #metal events of the summer.



For the third year in a row, Psycho Las Vegas will be making its presence felt in the “Entertainment Capital of The World.” If you’re unfamiliar with what all the “psychosis” is about, Psycho Las Vegas is a weekend put together by Psycho Entertainment which brings together over 70 hard rock and metal artists from around the world. This year’s bill includes the likes of Wolves In The Throne Room, Witchcraft, Danzig, CKY, The Hellacopters, Monolord, and so many more. Taking place from August 16th to 19th at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, this event is about so much more than music. Check out our list of the TOP 7 seven “lucky” activities you should do if you’re planning to attend this massive and memorable summer weekend event.

01. Swim Over to Hard Rock Casino’s Pool Stage
– Make sure you check out if not one, but several bands at the Hard Rock Casino’s pool stage while wading in the actual pool. If you didn’t know this factual nugget already, Las Vegas temperatures rival Hell during the month of August and you deserve to fully enjoy this perk of the festival. If you’re the high roller type, rent a private cabana and I guarantee, you’ll make new friends in no time!

Check out this Psycho Las Vegas 2017 recap video.

02. Get to the Slots and Card Games Early.
– Try wandering the gaming floor during the mornings if you’re up that early. Why? This is the best time to rock star watch while they’re enjoying one of Vegas’ vices be it at the slots or at the tables. The bands normally begin getting started around 2 p.m. so the mornings are the best time for them to get some gambling done while the floor is usually quiet and void of festival attendees. If you have the intestinal fortitude, you can always join their table between hands!

03. Check out the World Infamous Double Down Saloon.
– Located just a few minutes walk from the Hard Rock Casino, this is the big daddy of all dive bars in Las Vegas. It’s dark, it smells (like a word that rhymes with brie) and most importantly, the drinks are super reasonable considering it’s Vegas (make sure you try their Ass Juice)! And if you’re burned out on the barrage of metal that Psycho is serving up, Double Down mostly caters to touring DIY punk bands. Oh, did I mention that every show is a FREE show?!?

04. Get Your Fine (and Not so Fine) Global Cuisine On!
– You can enjoy fine (and not so fine) cuisine from every corner of the Earth. Yes, there are plenty of restaurants choices within the confines of the Hard Rock, but let’s be honest, it’s a tad pricey and you’ll be sick of Pink Taco (and broke) within a day or two. Don’t fret! The other three corners of the intersection of Paradise Road and Harmon Avenue have your back! Check out these choices of grub to get into your belly you have available to you: Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas, Shinya Mau Ramen, Dunkin Donuts, Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant, Checkers, Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop, Joe’s New York Pizza, Roberto’s Taco Shop and the list goes on and on and on…

Yep, Danzig is going to cause some havoc at PSL 2018.

05. The Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street.
– Duh! If you’ve been to Vegas before, you can skip ahead to number 6 on my list but if you haven’t, well, you’re in for a treat. You’ll want to make sure that you schedule a few more days around the festival to really get a taste of what both the Strip and Fremont Street have to offer. I wouldn’t recommend trying to cram both of them in during the festival, well… unless you want some shenanigans similar to the movie The Hangover to happen.

06. Peep the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.
– If you’re the explorer/outdoorsy type, check out The Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. The dam impounds the lake and there is so much desert beauty/history attached to both of them and you can selfie the shit out of it to impress your grandparents. Although they’re literally next to each other, you will definitely need a vehicle at your disposal for this since ride-sharing services and/or cabs will cost you at least a few drinks at the Hard Rock for the 45-minute drive out there.

07. 100% Do NOT Miss Saturday’s Headlining Band.
– Absolutely, positively and without a doubt, don’t miss the headlining band on Saturday night. Trust me on this… even if you’re not a fan of Danzig, you’ll want to be hanging out in The Joint when Elvis has left the building. Just mix these three things together in your head right now: Las Vegas + Danzig + Grand Finale = what could possibly go wrong? See where I’m going with this??? In all seriousness, it’s all about the memories, and you’ll have some things to brag about when (and if) you return home and have a rash you’ll need to get rid of. (We corrected this paragraph from Sunday to Saturday thanks to user feedback. Hey, we can’t get everything right.)