THE GUESS WHO Release ‘The Future IS What It Used To Be;’ Release New Music Video for “Playin’ On The Radio’

The Guess Who recently released their new record The Future IS What It Used To Be and now have released the video for “Playin’ On The Radio.”



The Guess Who is responsible for countless rock classics, which you still hear on a daily basis. Well, you may be able to add another one or two to that classics list with the release of the band’s new record The Future IS What It Used To Be. The album will be released on September 14th through Cleopatra Records. As you may expect, the album will feature a number of special guest appearances, including Tommy Shaw (Styx) on vocals, Brent Fitz (Slash, Gene Simmons) percussion, Jim Kale (Guess Who founding member) and Michael Devin (Whitesnake) on bass guitar.

Recently, the band released The Future IS What It Used To Be’s first single “Playin’ On The Radio,” which now has an accompanying music video which you can check out below. The video was shot in Las Vegas with well-known director Nigel Dick.

“The song is a celebration of the radio and what it meant to us all,” explained lead singer D#. “Whenever a new great song hit the airwaves, the DJ would say a few words then off to the races! You’d tune in just to hear it over and over again. The character in the song could be any one of us as we move ahead in life. Great music has the innate power to transport you back to so many great memories in an instant. Music is healing. I see it AND feel it every single night in our audience.”

“I love what I do, and I love trains and I love rock n’ roll,” commented Nigel about the video. “So, I was honored to be asked to shoot The Guess Who. And when they told me they were available for a day in Vegas and by chance I stumbled on this wonderful rail-yard full of old engines just up the road from the strip – I was in heaven – and up to my axles in dust! It was a perfect day.”

And the band is pleased with the results of the video, “My very first music video…who knew?!” said Garry. “Having the privilege of working with the legendary Nigel Dick, took me back to growing up in an era where music videos told a creative visual story that I always looked forward to seeing by my favorite artists,” added Will. “This track was no exception, adding a colorful, action-packed sequence to a great story.”

The Future IS What It Used To Be Track Listing:

01. When We Were Young
02. Runnin’ Blind
03. Talks All The Time
04. Baby Come Around
05. Haunted
06. In America
07. Playin’ On The Radio
08. Give It A Try
09. Good Girl
10. Long Day


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