Last Wednesday California’s Suicidal Tendencies, along with New York’s Sick Of It All, blew the roof off Toronto’s Phoenix Concert Theatre. Sick Of It All quickly got the party atmosphere at this full house into high gear. Guitarist Pete Koller, with his high-flying jumps, along with his brother Lou on vocals, bassist Craig Setari and drummer Armand Majidi, had the crowd screaming, pumping fists into the air, and getting an early start on crowd surfing.

Sick Of It All performed one “sick” set and were great fun to watch. After a short break to redo the stage set up, and with the really enthusiastic crowd chanting “ST! ST! ST!”, the house music finally went quiet and the stage manager flashed a light in the direction of the sound techs signalling that the show was ready to begin.

Sick Of It All are known for taking the “Road Less Traveled”.

“Bursting onto the stage” is the best way to describe Suicidals’ entrance. Starting their set off with fan-favourite tune “You Can’t Bring Me Down’, the band was in high gear the entire night. The energy that this band has is simply unbelievable… still! Vocalist Mike Muir was making me dizzy just trying to keep him in my camera’s view finder. He just does not stop. Constantly back and forth across the stage, with bassist Ra Diaz, and drummer Dave Lombardo keeping the beat.

Newest touring member, Ben Weinman of The Dillinger Escape Plan, had some high-flying aerial moments and did an awesome job , making his guitar just scream! At one point, Mike Muir hinted that this is a pre-show and that because of an upcoming new album release, the band will be back in town soon. An absolutely killer night, and I think everyone in attendance would agree.

Watch Suicidal’s classic “You Can’t Bring Me Down” video.

Suicidal Tendencies’ Setlist:

01. You Can’t Bring Me Down
02. I Shot The Devil
03. Lost Again
04. Clap Like Ozzy
05. Free Dumb
06. Trip At The Brain
07. War Inside My Head
08. Subliminal
09. Send Me Your Money
10. Possessed To Skate
11. I Saw Your Mommy
12. How Will I Laugh Tomorrow
13. Pledge Your Allegiance