Having released their new concept album Resurrect via via Unique Leader Records on October 13th, 2017- centered around the mysterious character of “The Architect”, who began his story on début Architects of Destruction – French technical death metal quintet The Walking Dead Orchestra reveal six inspirational records that shape their pummelling, brutal sound. Resurrect bristles with energy and vigour, whether on the stomping pace of “Vengeful Flavors” or the high-octane “Siamese Traitors”, and the inspirations they draw from are unsurprisingly diverse.

01. System of a Down – Mezmerize (Florian Gatta, vocals)
– This was the first metal record I’ve listened to. The catchy melodies and heavy riffs directly spoke to me. Every single song from this album is huge. The best SOAD album ever, a classic.

02. Nirvana – Bleach (Pierrick Debeaux, bass)
– I was only 10 or 11 and this album was a punch in the face. Without this album I would probably never have started my first band with Jean-Baptiste (guitar) and Kevin (guitar).

03. Vital Remains – Dechristianize (Jean-Baptiste Machon, guitar)
– Released in 2003 but I first heard of it in 2008. I still listen to it once a week, it shows how much it had an impact on me. It’s like heavier Deicide with lead guitars like Malmsteen. Glen Benton’s voice, Dave Suzuki’s leads and loud drums really are amazing. I highly recommend it to brutal death fans and people who love beautiful epic solos.

04. Metallica – And Justice For All (Cedric Ciulli, drums)
– I first bought the CD to make sure I could listen to it every day. Then I got the cassette to put in into my Walkman. This record was the soundtrack of my teenage years. Riffs are powerful and carried by energetic drum parts, and obviously James Hetfield’s voice. This is a good mix to make this album a real banger, I listened to it so much that the tape and the CD don’t work anymore.

05. Pantera – Far Beyond Driven (Kevin Reymond, guitar)
– It’s the album that lead me to playing extreme music. I was 14 or 15 and it was the first time I heard such a heavy sound and some hits like “Becoming” or “Five Minutes Alone” that still sound like anthems to me. It’s an album that I still listen to, like to go back to the roots. I never had the chance to see Pantera live, but I guess it would have been a blast.

06. Audioslave – Audioslave (Kevin Reymond, guitar) [Curveball Answer]
– I’ve always been a huge fan of Rage Against The Machine and I actually discovered Audioslave pretty recently. I think the alchemy works perfectly between Chris Cornell and the guys from RATM, their groovy music lifts Chris’ vocals and they’re even more emotional that way. I listened to “Show Me How To Live” , “Shadow on the Sun”, and the whole album about 1,000 times in a row when I first heard it.

Now you know from where they draw inspiration, so stream Resurrect starting with “Dogmes Anxiogenesis”.