I have always had a love-hate relationship with female-fronted bands; love because women rock, and hate because I secretly have always wanted to front a metal band. I have to be honest, I had never heard of Sick N’ Beautiful before this release and I’m kind of digging their whole “we hail from another planet vibe”. But that’s it.

This eclectic metal band – from the planet “Acheron” – draw influences from Alice Cooper to Nine Inch Nails and even Rob Zombie. It’s pretty evident in the music; vocally, I have no idea who I can even compare Herma to. It’s hard, because she’s a chameleon on every track – at times a possessed Lady Gaga, in a good way.

The band is ridiculously talented – it’s not too heavy on the electronica and their hooks are pretty awesome. That said, there’s nothing really making me want to replay a track. I think I would rather listen to this album sans vocals, maybe keeping “All Wanna Go To Heaven” – by the time that song hit, my ears became accustomed to their sound and didn’t bleed, and then I thought, alright, it’s not so bad.

Element of Sex Track Listing:

01. Fire True
02. Megalomanical
03. All Wanna Go To Heaven
04. Hellawake
05. Slam
06. HeXxX (The Element Of Sex)
07. Cryptid
08. New Witch 666 (The Rising)
09. Heart December (Gates II)
10. C*mmunion

Run Time: 34:13
Release Date: June 29, 2018
Record Label: Rosary Lane Records

Enjoy the video game-inspired video for “Megalomanical”.