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Say Goodbye to Dehydration, We’re Streaming DAN MIRALDI’s New Single “Watered Down Love” [Exclusive Premiere]

Dan Miraldi’s treating us to a song stream before we get all wilted and brown and faded. Say goodbye to dehydration, it’s “Watered Down Love”, a single from the full-length Alphabet City 2AM, due out August 3rd.



Dan Miraldi is a Cleveland-born, New York City-based musician who blends lush Americana and archetypal rock sensibilities, and tops it off with warm, powerful vocals. In anticipation of the unveiling of his fourth LP, Alphabet City 2 AM, we are streaming the single “Watered Down Love” before the album’s full release in August.

The rock and roll journeyman was kind enough to give us some insight into his thoughts on the song:

“I’ve written a lot of love songs, but this one is different. I didn’t write ‘Watered-Down Love’ for one specific person. I wrote it for the people who are out there now trying to find someone. It can be tough to distinguish quality people from the flakes. On another level, dating has changed in the last decade or so. We have apps now. Meeting people is easier, but with it, you become guarded trying to figure out who’s the real deal and who’s just wasting your time. You want to be genuine, but you also don’t want to get hurt.

“‘Watered-Down Love’ is also sonically different. I have never before released a piano-based ballad. I play a finger-picked acoustic guitar part on this track – I’ve been learning how to write in a quieter manner since moving to New York. I try not to bother my neighbors when I play my guitar or write late at night. When I lived in Ohio I could be loud all the time because there was more space. In New York, I’m more conscious of living around other people and sharing walls. There are still loud rock songs on the album, but apartment living has inspired me to write with some new textures.”

Keep your eyes out for Alphabet City 2 AM, dropping on August 3rd (pre-order/bookmark it at Spotify or Apple Music) and stream the single below!

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