New England metalcore sextet, Saving Vice dropped their pounding five-track EP Colder Than Dark on May 4th, and, if you haven’t already, the thunder-fest deserves your ears for 19 minutes and 10 seconds. A fun little walloping, the group’s debut is available to stream and purchase through all of the usual suspects, including Spotify and iTunes. That said, following the release of their debut music video for the “Hell Here” single, plus their summer appearances on Vans Warped Tour and iMatter Festival, we connected with the guys for a guided tour of each of the five songs.

01. “Hell Here”
– So, this song is actually the one song we kept from our first batch of music from before we wrote Colder Than Dark. We reworked and rewrote some parts that we weren’t happy with, but it came out to be one of our favorites as well as a fan-favorite. The song itself is about fighting self-doubt as well as the opinions and toxic energy of other people that keeps you trapped in your own head, unable to do what you really want to in life and how you need to break free from all of it and live to your fullest.

The five-track Colder Than Dark EP dropped on May 4th. Take the time to check it out!

02. “Run to You”
– This song was written by Robbie almost a year back. We thought it was going to be a single before we went to write the whole EP. The song, lyrically, is intentionally left open ended, but it was inspired by romance as well as loss of a loved one or someone you really depend on in life to be your rock or safe place. I wanted it to really be whatever it needed to be for whoever listened to it when I wrote it.

03. “Euthanasia”
– This was another song Robbie wrote early in our writing process and we didn’t know what it was going to become, but a previous band member of ours lost his best friend to suicide and was going through a really rough year; the song was inspired by his actual feelings and emotions he was going through trying to cope with the loss. I wanted to write a song for the people who are left behind while also to send a message about how much collateral damage suicide really has.

We were lucky enough to have Rory Rodriguez feature on the track who really felt strongly about the message, and is an incredible vocalist from a band called Dayseeker, whom we all respect a lot. He wrote his part lyrically and nailed it on the first try and we were very happy with how it all came out. Writing from someone else’s perspective was a unique experience.

There might be “Hell Here”, but this song and video will help to stave off the evil.

04. “Once More”
– This song is really personal for me. Zach and Cody actually wrote this song before we even knew we were going to put it on the EP and it definitely has a different vibe but still works with the other songs. It is also one of my favorites to perform. The song, to put it simply, is about what it was like for me to give up on music after my last band broke up and how much I regretted all the time I spent not pursuing my actual passions and how there’s always another chance to follow your dream.

05. “Black Ice”
– This song is probably my favorite, and it has a lot of messages hidden in it. There are lyrics put together from all of the members of the band, but what the meaning of the song is about your personal vice that ruined or controlled your life and the power of addiction, substance abuse, heartbreak and obsession. The chorus is actually about a girl, but I wanted it to be relatable to anyone who’s gone through anything like that, so I left it very open to interpretation.


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