From the ashes of Dead Earth Politics rises Runescarred (surely named after one of Dead Earth Politics’ tracks?). The band’s debut EP, We Are, is a blast from start to finish. The group cites Iron Maiden and Lamb of God as inspirations and, thankfully, does not sound as eclectic as that particular mix of differing styles might indicate.

Opener “This is Mine” builds itself around a strong chorus that should see crowds eagerly singing along. While Lamb of God is cited as a reference, little of their crushing sound actually makes it into Runescarred; that said, the odd harsh, Randy Blythe-esque vocal effortlessly rears its head. Largely speaking, We Are plays out as a heavier, more groove-filled Iron Maiden, or a slower Nevermore.

Watch Runescarred’s “This is Mine” video here.

“A Darker Man” certainly feels like a Nevermore number, anyway. Soothing acoustics lead us into a rip-roaring track filled with powerful vocals and face-melting guitar solos. It’s the strongest use of progression on the EP and a tremendous song. Indeed, the writing is sound throughout, with an eye always placed firmly both on groove and fun. We Are also flows exceptionally well, thanks to a progressive-leaning that sees each track develop and culminate in an exciting, grand crescendo.

“Ghost Ocean”, meanwhile, rounds out the EP with something a little more akin to the likes of Grand Magus. A simpler, epic tune, with more aggressive vocals and thumping drum work. The vocals often trail into harsh roars without so much as a flicker – it’s all natural. Mid-way through we are treated to a flamenco interlude, which works surprisingly well. A nice, heavy way to end the EP that shows just what the band is capable of.

“A Darker Man” is a great tune and video. Check it out!

Runescarred have a winner on their hands with We Are. Each of its three tracks features excellent, powerful vocals and a solid progressive writing style. While it has more in common with Iron Maiden than Lamb of God, the combination can be heard throughout, with a groove and heaviness to each song alongside the power-metal vocals. The worst thing about We Are is that it only has three tracks.

We Are Track Listing:

01. This is Mine
02. A Darker Man
03. Ghost Ocean

Run Time: 16:12
Release Date: June 29, 2018
Record Label: Independent