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What’s going on, all ya’ll punks and punkettes? Yes, we have another dope giveaway happening… this time it’s an exclusive wherein we’re serving up free, autographed Blu-ray copies of the rad new film, PUNK BAND. Due out this Friday, July 13th, via Madness Maker Films, PUNK BAND follows Chicago’s politically-rebellious punk group Voice of Addiction as they self-destruct while on tour, while the country implodes around them. The Bradley Pontecore-directed, produced and filmed movie is a must-watch for any rock fans. For more information, check out the movie on IMDB here or order it on Vimeo.

FIVE (5) lucky music junkies are each going to win a free Bradley Pontecore-autographed Blu-ray copy of PUNK BAND, plus a free PureGrainAudio sticker pack!

August 6th, 2018 (at 12 midnight sharp)

Fill out the form below to enter and be sure to “Like” the PureGrainAudio Facebook page, and share the post, for extra chances to win!

This is the PUNK BAND official trailer. Watch it!