How odd that, for a band called Our Place of Worship is Silence, the duo sound so pissed off on all their recordings. No matter what the tempo, the music permeates hostility. The riffs involve some technicality, but not lead guitar wankery; there’s a progressive quality to the riffs in terms of the unpredictable structure and time signature. This is one of the few instances where a band’s style actually comes across as unique – no mean feat in the world of extreme metal, or the prolific California scene.

With Inexorable Suffering, the group’s second full-length album, is a neck-breaker! At face value, the death metal/hardcore genre tag is a misnomer in spite of both genres predominantly forming the make-up of the band’s sound. They don’t break it down and play quasi-technical riffs the way deathcore acts typically do, neither do they offer a truckload of Suicide Silence-style breakdowns, even though they do frequently use hardcore-style chugging riffs. You can also argue that it sounds like blackened death metal owing to the tremolo parts during the blast sections, but the hardcore chugging make the moniker sound unsuitable. In fact, they don’t sound like any other band out there. Our Place of Worship is Silence needs simply to be left alone when it comes to genre labels.

The musicianship here is top-notch and unexpected – there’s really no telling where the chord transitions land on the fretboard on some songs. Eric Netto’s guitar work is in perfect synchrony with the drumming. Said drums are another indulgence for the listener, as Tim Gaskin pummels the kit to its abysmal ruin, while the two members also share vocal duties. The vocals are echoing shouts that spout pure hatred for all that is caustic and virulent in this world. Whether you play this music in the background or listen intently, you’re almost certain to pop a vein at some point. It is also worth noting that the interplay of vocal lines provides a fresh approach to the band’s style, as well as for the usual one-vocalist approach within extreme metal.

Starting with “The Blind Chimera And Its Death”, stream the full album here.

Ultimately, With Inexorable Suffering rates highly for its competency and originality, and while repeat listens may be a stretch due to its jarring and pummelling nature, there is nonetheless plenty to get excited about due to their high-quality writing and originality. Fans who are looking for something new in death metal will love this record to bits. In short, With Inexorable Suffering is a good album; it is violent, passionately played, vigorous, and authentic. Fans of extreme metal – with an emphasis on extreme – should certainly take note.

With Inexorable Suffering Track Listing:

01. Artificial Purgatory
02. Chronicles Of Annihilation
03. The Blind Chimera And Its Death
04. Labyrinth Disorientation
05. Defiance And Upheaval
06. The Decay Maxim
07. Lawlessness Will Abound

Run Time: 33:52
Release Date: April 13, 2018
Record Label: Translation Loss Records