Oh, Weatherly have shared “Chasing California,” the third single off their latest album Lips Like Oxygen, the debut full-length from this up and coming band. The album was co-produced by Jake Bundrick of Mayday Parade.

Regarding the new album, lead singer Blake Roses said, “What this album means to me is more than just music or simply a combination of nice sounding chords.” Following his father’s passing, Roses began focusing his emotions and his energy into helping raise his younger sister as well as a growing relationship with his best friend at high school. After the band’s first tour, Roses engagement ended which began the healing process, through music. “This album is a tribute to the lessons I have learned and to the people who mean/meant most to me,” Roses said. “I do not regret anything I have done in my life and would not take back a single thing. I would not have made it here without these experiences driving me. That being said, I no longer expect anything from anyone but myself.”